Talent Management is a key component of the HR strategy

I was reading the article ‘Human Resources: No Laughing Matter’ by Sherry Fox and came across a comment by Sherry Fox in response to a comment made in the article, which I found interesting.

Let me first say that I believe the relationship between the HR recruiters and the talent hunters/management of a company should be stronger than ever. Talent management is a key component of the HR strategy, so it is of the utmost importance that these two teams work together to achieve the common goal of developing talent that is aligned with the company’s strategic business needs. HR is often not aware of the technical skills required for particular positions within the company-especially IT positions. They know they have a position to fill and they know the high-level requirements they want in a candidate; but that doesn’t mean they always know the right “technical” questions to ask during the interview. It’s the talent manager’s job to hone people’s skills and it’s the technical personnel who understand what technical skills are required for IT-related positions, so more often than not these are the two parties that should be involved in the interview process.

HR managers should take advantage of the knowledge that talent professionals have and the expertise of their technical staff and use them to their advantage. For HR to hide their shortcoming—as you called it—doesn’t do anybody any good—including the HR manager himself/herself (in the long run).

I strongly suggest that HR should cooperate with the talent hunters and work together along with the technical personnel. Ideally, you should have all three professionals (HR, the technical heads, and the talent hunters) working together when recruiting technical personnel. By doing so, you have a better chance of finding the best-fit candidate for the job.

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